Maximizing Human Function

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Health Performance is Personal

Health means different things to different people.  For some it’s being free from pain or headaches.  For others it is the ability to lift their granddaughter, and yet for others it may be staying functional for life.  Inside of all of us is a vision we want from our health.

Our mission at Davis Square Chiropractic is maximizing human function and performance.

  • Our Mission:

    No two people are alike and each require a custom program to reach their goals. We work with the goal of maximizing human function and performance.
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    Efffectve January 1, 2018:
    Mon: 9AM - 7PM
    Tues: 8AM - 7PM
    Wed: 9AM - 7PM
    Thurs: 8AM - 7PM
    Fri: 8AM - 6:30PM
    Sat: 8:00AM - 12PM
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