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Dr. Shadrick is a great doctor! I would wholeheartedly recommend and found his practice on yelp.

Extremely knowledgeable and great at communicating all types of concepts and looking at the big picture. Very patient and genuine. DR. SHADRICK KNOWS HIS STUFF!!!

-Review on Yelp

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Hi Everyone!

Peter was born on Sunday, Feb.20th. He weighed 8lbs 1oz and is 21 inches long. Attached is a picture of him.

We’re all doing great! Delivery was fantastic! He came out in only 4 pushes! Dr. Shadrick….Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I really think coming for chiropractic care & doing all of the exercises you taught me over the past few months had a HUGE affect on my having such an easy delivery!

I’m looking forward to returning to you to help me get back into alignment and for you to meet Peter. He is a wonderfully easy baby so far! He’s a good eater & sleeper and seems very happy. My husband was so impressed with Dr. Shadrick he is hoping to make an appointment for himself too.

Is it possible for us to make a “family” appointment some upcoming Saturday morning?

We have new insurance that covers chiropratic care, Tufts Premium.

Thanks again!

~D & S

My girlfriend and I followed Dr. Shadrick from the practice he used to work at, where I had begun visiting him at her insistance. I had been dealing with back issues for several years which eventually lead to being discharged from the Army with the title “Chronic Lower Back Pain” and the loving information that it would only get worse. After seeing Dr. Shadrick my back pain has gone down significantly from needing narcotic strength pain killers (Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycotin) to barely being noticeable. Aside from the pain decreasing he enthusiastically provides myself and my girlfriend with exercises and challenges to maintain whatever improvements he helps us gain, and he has yet to forget one in 2 years. I don’t know how much more personal and honestly helpful a doctor can get, but he has definitely set the standard I use to evaluate anyone I see from now on.

-Dave H.

This is a definite hit !!!
Dr. David Shadrick is knowledgeable, professional, and comfortable to be with. He goes the distance.
Dr. Shadrick has addressed my back issues by trying various methods & techniques to make my back feel better.
Davis Square Chiropratic is a FIND.

-Cheryl L.

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