Dr. David Shadrick, Jr.

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Parker University

Doctorate of Chiropractic
Dallas, TX

Providence College
Magna Cum Laude
Providence, RI

Oxford University
Summa Cum Laude
Oxford, U.K.

David G. Shadrick, Jr., D.C. is the director of Davis Square Chiropractic, PC. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Shadrick is an instructor/preceptor at Tufts Medical School. With a background in exercise science, his practice focuses on the diagnosis and conservative treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those affecting the spine and pelvis.

When outside of the office, Dr. Shadrick has a special interest in running, kayaking, and is a general outdoor enthusiast. For the last several years, he has participated in regular workouts with Durbrow Performance Training in Somerville, MA. The pride and joy of Dr. Shadricks life are his two young children, Liam and Cora.


Davis Square Chiropractic, PC | Somerville, MA | Chiropractic Physician
Having experience in two very different clincal settings, I have learned that health means different things to different people. At DSC, my focus is providing the best chiropractic care possible to assist you in reaching your goals.

Arlington Chiropractic | Arlington, MA | Chiropractic Physician
Worked as an associate doctor in wellness, patient centered practice with focus on therapeutic exercise and active rehabiliation.

Fall River Spine & Disc Center | Fall River, MA | Chiropractic Physician
Worked as associate doctor in multi-disciplinary hospital affiliated clinic that focused on severe disc pathology. Treated patients in conjunction with physiatry, physical therapy, and neurosurgery departments. Conducted rounds with radiology, with focus on effective, evidence based management of low back pain of disc origin.

Teaching Experience

Tufts University Medical School | Boston, MA
Dr. Shadrick is an Instructor/Preceptor at Tufts Medical School. He teaches “Introduction to Chiropractic” as part of their selective program. The goal of this class is to educate and allow medical students to obtain a more in-depth knowledge of chiropractic care. This includes its potential, limitations, and population that it serves. Students gain a more broad understanding of a drugless, non-invasive, conservative approach to health and healing.

Dallas Independent School Department | Dallas, TX | Faculty Member
While a student at Parker University, accepted a teaching position at the largest, most diverse magnet school in the country, “The Skyline Center.” The focus of instruction was Biology and Anatomy & Physiology.

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